Why do we like surfing?

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1. Banal ideas about surfers

If you have never tried surfing before and know about it only in words or from information on the Internet, perhaps you still believe in some myths.

The banal idea of ​ ​ a surfer is the image of a tanned person with burnt hair strands living somewhere on the ocean and doing nothing but riding on a board and extracting at least some money for a piece of bread. But if the first two facts take place, then the latter is insanely rare for surfers. Until the 1970s, during the heyday of surfing in the United States, people did not really follow the established moral standards of society. However, now many of these people work, own their business and in parallel with this, ride, catch their best waves and discover the world.

Surfing is a sport available to everyone
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Equilibrium on the water is sometimes not easy

2. Surfing is possible only where the heat and palm trees are

Thanks to common stereotypes, people believe that you can ride the board only in warm countries and on hot islands, but certainly not in Russia. In fact, surfing can be done wherever waves can potentially be present, and in modern realities, low temperature is not a barrier to surfing, because there are high-quality and high-tech wetsuits that protect you. The most interesting, spacious and cool places for surf riding, where you will not meet a large number of people on the linap, are in colder corners of the planet.

For each person, their concepts are difficult and easy and there are those to which this is almost given or they have been engaged in this since childhood. But not everyone can get on the board from the first time, but even if he got up, this is just the beginning of the whole path.

2.1 Huge waves only for experienced surfers

A person who is not familiar with surfing may mistakenly think that the larger the wave the athlete conquered, the cooler he is than everyone else and seeks to do just that.

Huge waves are certainly difficult and not every surfer can cope with this, because you need to be not only physically pumped, but also have great fortitude:

  • Incredible emotions from each lesson
  • You are fully secure
  • Wetsuits – to protect against cold

If you’re thinking about surfing for the first time, here are some extra things you need to know. You don’t want to hurt yourself, injure anyone, or annoy everyone on the beach, do you? Familiarize yourself with surfing rules.

There is also a certain etiquette of behavior in the surf, and its observance will guide you on the true path. Surfers, as a rule, are friendly people and tolerant of beginners who behave correctly. If you haven’t had a good time watching others surf, why not watch a few videos. They are full on the Internet, and we have a large video section on this site.

Look for videos not only for beginners, but look at surfers of all levels. This will give you a good sense of surfing, and you can learn some valuable techniques. (And it will be inspired to surf even better.)